Virgo Visualizer Introduction

Virgo Visualizer

A free netflow graph software.

Virgo visualizer is a netflow grapher with dns capabilities and search modals. I have been using it for 3 years to provide an easy access to netflow information captured from pmacct sensors and stored into mysql.

Some while ago I decided to rebuild it with some new features and put the work on the packet. I might change the way the DNS resolver works later on but for now it seems to be working fine. The MySQL schema seems to be complete tho and i am finaly working with the interface....

Here's an eye candy :p, it will provide IP on-mouse-over (yes graphs are not stale) plus a list with the top IP's on the side. There will be some other functions as well, like most visited DNS (handy when tracking office usage), top port usage (easy way to find trojans and viruses), bytes count, packets count, exploding pie charts, 3D Bar charts, classic traffic graphs, speed gauges and also search modals to track down your history based on any information pmacct can store... nice huh?


Requirements :
  • Prefferably a Linux 64bit PC
  • MySQL => 5.x
  • Apache 2.x
  • PHP <=5.3 a series of functions have changed since 5.4 (like session_register) so make sure it's less
  • A LOT of memory...



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