Honeyspot Introduction

A free billing system for WiFi Hotspots.

Honeyspot is a free hotspot system with billing capabilities for frontdesks. It's ideal for hotels, Internet stations, Public Hotspots, etc. It will keep sales records with daily and monthly financial statistics as well as a nice interface for the admin, manager and the user.

The system for now has 2 billing types prepaid customers and subscribers.

Prepaid: A prepaid customer can "top up" his time by buying more prepaid packages. His available time is stored in the Honeyspot and can be used any time he wants but he must be active at least once every  6 months otherwise his time is lost and his username may be set as inactive. Once his time is up he can buy more time or "TopUp".

Subscriber: A subscriber doesnt buy time but extends his account expiration date. The use of his online time is unlimited till the expiration date.

If you are running a light hotspot, you should be able to run everything in a single pc if you run MikroTik RouterOS in a VirtualBox. The MikroTik boards are really cheap and fast tho, if you need a scalable solution i would definetely recommend them.

In every case the Honeyspot requires a PC (preferably Slackware 13.37 Linux) with 2 network interface cards. One card should be connected to your Internet connection (or LAN) and one for the MikroTik Captive Portal. If you decide to use RouterOS instead of a board then you only need a wireless AP, even those wireless ADSL modems that come with your network connection will do, but you need to make sure that you disable DHCP (MikroTik will provide DHCP leasing for the Honeyspot).


Requirements :

  • Prefferably a Linux PC with 2 Network cards
  • Freeradius
  • MySQL (or MariaDB)
  • Apache
  • PHP <=5.3 (function session_register() is not supported after PHP 5.4 so make sure its less)
  • any Mikrotik Routerboard (or RouterOS) with Hotspot and RADIUS support



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