May 26, 2014

Virgo visualizer

Category: General
Posted by: thepacket

The L7-filter classifiers haven't been updated since 2009 and for anyone who has worked with L7-filter... well... you know how well it works. I did some sniffing for DNS and HTTP and it seems that the regular expressions are either wrong or don't work at all. Also there are no available Shared Object classifiers other than the ones in pmacct (or i didn't look hard enough). But since there is no limitation on how to use either the RE or the SO i will include a class table in the project and (just for now) i will use the ones that come with the L7-filter. I will probably look into either one and do a performance comparison. In the mean time I hope Paulo eventualy sees my mails and respond.

If any of you guys have any working classifiers please be so kind and mail them to me. I will include them in the final release and they will also work on the live demo here. thanx

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